Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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13 October 2013

Italy Field Report 16 – Day 14

We went to Ischia today – our last excursion from Sorrento. Tomorrow it’s back to Rome for out last full vacation day.

We flipped flopped over Ischia a lot. This was sort of a free day with no pre-planned activities thanks to having nice (enough) weather all week and having done Amalfi and Positano all in one day.

I didn’t want to waste the day – I wanted to do SOMETHING other than just hang out in Sorrento. Ischia seemed like a great idea a first, but because there was only ONE boat there and back it became less appealing. What if we miss is? What if the weather is bad and the return boat is cancelled? What if we are bored to tears after an hour and we have to wait many many hours for the boat home?…  We decided to go for it anyway and it all worked out well in the end!

All in all, we had (forced) 7 hours to fill. So we strolled through the town (no pictures because my husband was in a grumpy mood)

We stopped for a coffee where I tried Cream of Melon Liquor – not that great, I would not have it again but the stop was worth it because my husband’s mood improved and he started taking pictures!!!!! LOL


We visited the Gardens…


Played with some cats… (the poor guy in the first shot was missing part of his tail – sad)

 IMG_4522 IMG_4526


Walked to the Castle… (did not go inside, neither of us was in the mood)



Had a nice lunch at a resto that advertised that it had a “panoramic sea view”…  I supposed it did, but it was really nothing special; it was more trees and parking lot than it was sea! But still, we had a large meal that served as both lunch and dinner to kill as much time as possible.






All in all it was a good day. I didn’t LOVE Ischia, but it was better than staying in Sorrento all day re-doing everything!

When we got back to Sorrento (around 6:30) just like yesterday the skies opened up. It’s POURING out there right now and there is also plenty of lighting and thunder.

Too full from lunch, we went for a drink and a snack at one of the bars in the main square –steps away from out hotel.  I had my last Crema di Limoncello of the vacation… I love this stuff! It looks like milk, smells like hand sanitizer but tastes delicious! I went for it over and over again because I can get “regular / normal” Limoncello at home anytime but I have never seen the cream-version anywhere but here!

IMG_4565 - Copy (2)

That’s it for Sorrento, it’s back to Rome tomorrow for our last day.  I have no idea when I will ever be back – if ever! I suggested to my husband that we do it again in another 10 years to celebrate our 20th anniversary because a 10-year interval for this place seems adequate!  Stay tuned for 2023 to see if we do it!!

Good night!

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