Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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13 October 2013

Italy Field Report 14 – Day 12

We did Amalfi and Positano today. It was not the initial plan (we were going to do them on 2 separate days), although I kind of suspected that it would work out this way!  I originally wanted to spread them out a little more, but quickly after arriving in Positano I knew this would be a “two in one”.

Logistically it was effortless. We bussed it from Sorrento to Positano; I was concerned about the scariness of the drive but it was really not that bad – I did get a little car-sick, but not too bad…  The Blue Grotto was much much worse!

The bus lets you off at the top of the town and we took the little back streets (which are stairs) down down down to the beach & church area that is really the hub of the city.



Great views on the way down, really gorgeous!!!  But I have to admit that by the time to get to the bottom, you are kind of over it. I am not a shopper AT ALL so the retail-draw is lost on me completely!! It rained on and off (sun showers mostly) so we ducked into a cafe, watched the world go by…  and that was pretty much it for Positano; does not sound like much, but it was very enjoyable!




Of course, you wont be surprised to know that I also make a lot of new friends on the way:



We decided after about an hour that we got all we were going to get out of Positano, so we decided to take the boat over to Amalfi and have lunch there. (Lunch was amazing – if you are friends with me on Facebook, you already know that!)

We liked Amalfi more, yes it’s touristier (is that a word?) but if felt like there was more to see. I hindsight, I don’t really think there was… but the Cathedral in Amalfi was gorgeous!!  That swung the vote.



We had a loungy two-hour lunch, then took the bus back to Sorrento. Easy breezy – no fuss- no traffic.  In fact, unbeknownst to us, the stop before the final station back in Sorrento was right across the street from our hotel!!!  What luck!


Back in Sorrento we went for a drink and pondered diner; we eventually settled on pizza which I now regret: feeling disgustingly full!!!  Frankly, I should have had a liquid supper and I would be feeling much better right now.

My husband’s cold is not much improved; he’s been sniffing all day.  Pray that he will be in shape tomorrow for the hike up to the creator of Vesuvius…  if not I will go by myself on Thursday!!!

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