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April 22, 2014

Paris Field Report 3 – Day 3

I’m sorry, this will yet again be a disappointment if you were expecting pictures.  I think access to a data plan on my Iphone will put a kibosh on these daily updates because by the end of the day I have little more to add!!

This day was even more jammed than yesterday = a good day, yet I don’t have as many “names to drop” as yesterday.

We retraced our steps quite a bit, but we also slipped in some new attractions like the Chateau de Vincennes and the Panoramic View of the city on the 59th floor of the Tour Montparnasse.

We also decided to nix Tours from the agenda, again like with Lyon – because of the price. It would cost us almost 200€ and that’s just too much…  besides, there is more than enough to keep us entertained in Paris instead.

April 21, 2014

Paris Field Report 2 – Day 2

You will be disappointed in me if you wanted pictures…  but I did such a complete job of photo-chronicling my day of Facebook that I feel unmotivated to repeat it again here!

We got off to a late start, getting up at 8:30 and hitting the road shortly before 10. It’s late for us because we are usually up by 7 and out the door by 8 but considering we did not sleep the night before, we needed the rest!

Today we covered:

  • The canal by the Bastille
  • Ile St Louis
  • Notre Dame (we didn’t go in, line-ups were too long – plus we did it 2004)
  • Sainte Chapelle (went in, about an hour wait – gorgeous but half under wraps for renovation)
  • Latin Quarter
  • Lunch a Les Deux Magots (Cheese plate – DELICIOUS)
  • St Sulpice
  • Jardins Luxembourg
  • Pantheon (covered up for reno, thankfully I have nice pictures from 2012)
  • Pont des Arts
  • Louvre
  • Les Halles
  • Supper at Au Pieds de Cochon (had salmon & lentils…  I hope I counter acted all the cheese and fat from the last few meals)
  • Centre Pompidou

… to name a few!

Surprisingly, I am not that tired! but I’m turning in anyway (it’s 9:30) because I want to conserve energy so I can keep this pace up all week!

Good night!

April 20, 2014

Paris Field Report 1 – Day 1

I can’t believe I am still conscious at 9PM considering I did not sleep on the plane! I couldn’t; we were jammed in like sardines! – honest to God Air Transat sucks!  well, that’s unfair…  let’s just say: you get what you pay for.

The room was not ready when we got to the hotel around 11:30 ish, so we dumped the bags and hit the town. Place de la République, Les Grands Boulevards, Opera House, Place Vendome, Place de la Concorde, Petit et Grand Palais, Champs Élisée, Place D’Alma, Eiffel Tower, Seine, Place Bastille… and what ever else I left out! No time tonight for uploading pictures.

Needless to say it’s BEYOND past my bed time…  and I still have not showered!

I need to log off and go to bed – that’s enough for one day!

April 17, 2014

I was NOT expecting this price!





I got the shock of my life today when I saw how much it will cost us to go to Lyon from Paris!

This is the ONE WAY price per person!! This means for both of us forth and back it will be almost 450$!!!!!!!!!!


I think this is possibly the most expensive train ticket I’ve had in recent memory… ok, I have not checked slower trains or looked up any kinds of deals, it may be that I don’t actually spend THIS MUCH to go – but sincerely, I did not expect this at all.

All I can say is: IT BETTER BE WORTH IT! for this price, I am leaning towards skipping it.  My husband is psyched about it, so we have not nixed it… yet… however if I am going to fork over this kind of money I hope I am blown away by the amazingness of it all!

I will be looking up cheaper alternatives… to be continued.

April 16, 2014

Just a little priming!

Psyching myself up with some Paris memories from previous trips! HA! as if I need priming to get in the mood!

YIPEEEEE!!!!!  can’t wait  Open-mouthed smile  Airplane  Camera  Plate  Sun

Arc de Triomphe 3

Basilique du Sacré Cœur 7

Cat 2 & Simone

Cimetière Père Lachaise 02

École Militaire 3

Église Saint-Sulpice 2

Eiffel Tower 05

Eiffel Tower - Ipod 1

Gallerie Lafayette 3

Hôtel de Ville 1


Institut de France

Jardin des Tuileries 1

Les Invalides 12

Musée Rodin 11

Opera Palais Garnier 06

Place de la Concorde 6

Pont d'Arcole 2

Arc de Triomphe - View from top - Tour Montparnasse 01

Basilique du Sacre Coeur 03

Catacombes 01

Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris 02

Conciergerie 02

Conciergerie 05

Jardin des Tuileries 02

La Defense - Esplanade 05

La Defense - Grande Arche 03

Louvre - Arc du Carrousel 02

Place Vendome 01

Pont Neuf 06

April 12, 2014

Amazing Race Spoilers

YAHOO!!!  FINALLY the gang heads to Europe!

One of the principle reasons I have for watching the Amazing Race is to reminisce over my own trips, so naturally I always look forward to the European segments.

According to this, I’ll be entertained for at least the next 4 weeks Smile

Amazing Race








Simone 2


Seville  (don’t have a decent one of myself):

Seville - Plaza de Espana 11

April 10, 2014

My Favourite Epoch

I love the “Belle Epoch” it’s my favourite Epoch.

I came across this article for an exhibit currently on in Paris – I’d love to see it! I hope we can make it happen.

Visitors to Paris travel to the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Bath chairs

April 5, 2014

Italy Pictures!

761 pictures all organized into albums… now comes the hard part: culling!

Italy 2014

However, considering that I have been up for almost 22 hours it won’t be today!  I will update the “Hotels” and “Cats” albums but then it’s time for BED.

Italy Field Report 9 – Day 8

That’s it! Last day.

We spend the morning in Vicenza today – but lunch at 1PM + Italian trains being notoriously late = we got back to Verona around 4PM!

Again it was worth comparing fast and slow trains, on the way home for example the fast train was 16€ for 25 minutes and slow one was 4€ for 40 minutes!!

Vicenza is beautiful, almost like Venice without the water and the decay, but it’s also very small so a 1/2 day is plenty.

IMG_5283 IMG_5303 IMG_5315


Back in Verona, we took a last wander through the city and had a last diner in Piazza Del Elbe…  sadly – predictably – the food was lousy.  It always is when you have a meal in a touristy place. Good food and nice views are often mutually exclusive!

We called it quits around 6:30, back to the room early to pack and get ready to fly home tomorrow. I am pissed off because I can’t find my luggage locks ANYWHERE! I know they are in the room somewhere… but where??? GRRRR  plus, I only have 1 back-up lock!! don’t know how I could have misplaced (let alone lose) them when I unpacked.

I hope this is not a sign of the kind of journey we will have on the way home.  Please God let us not miss our 3AM wake up call – or 6AM flight to Germany – and please let the Lufthansa pilot strike chaos which ended today not delay us and please let us arrive home safe and sound!

(I miss my cats!)