Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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6 April 2015

France Field Report 1 – Day 1 / Lyon

I have been up over 24 hours now…  I’m getting cranky!!!

The flight was ok, not great. Lots of screaming kids including one poor kiddo who puked all over her dad during the landing. Poor little thing, imagine the guy sitting next to them!!  Man, it stank.

There was also a few tense moments when a loud-mouth idiot got on board in Montreal and was fighting with his wife. NO IDEA what the problem was but from what I gleaned, she was trying to calm him down and ask him to keep the volume down and he was yelling “shut up! I don’t give a fuck!” over and over again.  At one point, he turned to his friend and said: “I hate the way they are looking at me like I am a f_ _ _ _ _ g  n _ _ _ _ r”.  I thought to myself: “Well, I’m not looking at you at all because I am trying to avoid eye contact, but if YOU’D take your own advise and zip it, no one would be looking at you at all!!!!”  Not sure what happened to him after that, Thank God it did not escalate into something worse.

The flight was very comfortable. It was a 747 and we took seats close to the back meaning we’d get 2 seats together because the rows narrow down from 3 seats to 2 seats after a point. Because we were in that first row, instead of an overhead compartment, I had a sort of cooler-like baggage locker all to myself, and when closed it doubled as a personal table!  I tried sleeping on it and using it as a sort of prop for the pillows but it did not work.  I did not get any sleep at all on the flight over.

Lyon is nice, but we have a problem…  we’re almost done. As of tomorrow we’ll have seen all the top sights and we had 4 days set aside for this city!

We explored Vieux Lyon including the medieval and renaissance houses along rue du Boeuf and rue St Jean, saw the Palace of Justice, visited the Cathedral to see the astronomical clock that was supposed to give us a show but because of construction, it’s not on display. We wandered around Presq’ile and saw Place des Terreaux, a fountain made by Bartholdi (who made the Statue of Liberty), the Opera House, Place Louis Pradel and the Man of Freedom statue, Place de la Bourse, Place des Jacobins, Place Bellecour… I swear we’re just about finished! Tomorrow we hit the Fourviere area as well as a few more unexplored corners but we don’t need the other 2 days.

I am thinking about going to Clermont-Ferrand as a day trip to fill the gap, not sure yet because I have not looked up how far or expensive it is to get there… so, that’s a work in progress! We’ll see how we feel once we’ve done our trips to Dijon and Grenoble.

The weather is nice but the wind is COLD. It was over 14C today and sunny, nice blue skies, but as soon as we hit the shade, we froze! My husband had his winter hat all day.  When we looked for a place to have a drink this afternoon, we decided to pick a place where we could sit an relax inside. We found a nice place by the river, sunny, comfy, and the (I assume) owner was training a new girl.  It quickly got busier and busier and it became clear this new girl was not going to last long. She constantly forgot to write the orders down, did not know prices, could not make change, forgot who ordered what… she messed up my order – she thought I wanted a “Grand Marriage”; that’s a grand wedding as opposed to a Grand Marnier!  Then, when the drinks were ready, because she did not know what they were, she could not figure out who gets them!!

The owner was SO PATIENT with her, but eventually when the place got busier and busier she was less patient and more frustrated and overwhelmed by having to do it all herself.  I thought to myself that if I knew what to do, I’d get up and help her…  and not a word of a lie, two people did!!!!  How nice of these perfect strangers to jump in and help someone who is so obviously struggling.  Nice people in Lyon!

I’m having issued uploading my Iphone pictures onto my lap top and I am too tired now to figure out why.  Here’s a picture we took with the camera of Place des Jacobins, you’ll have to settle with that for now!


It’s late now, time to shower and crash.

Good night!

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