Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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18 June 2016

British Columbia Field Report 7 – Day 4

Walked 14.35 km / 21 713 steps

Day 4 took us further out of town.

We started off with Whistler which I have to say IS NOT FUN between seasons.


We found an ok place for breakfast, nothing remarkable, then set off to walk the resort.  It’s all shopping. VERY boring! In addition, the “Peak to Peak” experience that we wanted to do was not open for the season yet!




We attempted to do a nature-walk, but that idea didn’t last long because of all the “What To Do When You See a Bear” warnings!  Despite the low risk, we chickened out - who needs that hassle?

Part of the fun of going to Whistler from Vancouver is to drive the “Sea to Sky Highway” and gawk at the views; they really were amazing! I wish we could have soaked them in more, but the weather was not on our side; we had clear skies on the way to Whistler, but they didn’t last.  Still, on the way back we were able to stop and get out of the car and enjoy the views from the Tantalus Lookout.





Because the “Peak to Peak” experience was closed, we decided to go to Squamish (about half way between Vancouver and Whistler) and do the “Sea to Sky Gondola” instead.


We parked the car near the Shannon Falls about a kilometer away and had a wonderful walk through the woods to get to the Gondola Station. By the time we got there however, the rain had picked up and we were worried it would get progressively stronger, and therefore we’d have a long walk back to the car in the rain. So, back through the woods we went, back to the car and drove the short distance to the Sea to Sky Gondola Parking area.






Sadly, it was full on raining by then, but I suggested we do it anyway because maybe we’d get a nice lunch up there. Nope. Cafeteria. So down we came after about 15 minutes of admiring the rainy view.




Since having lunch at the Sea to Sky Gondola Summit Lodge was out, we drove around a bit looking for a nice place eat but there wasn’t much. Then I remembered a pretty big place called “Match” that I had noticed earlier on the way to Whistler. Turns out it was just up the road, I bet they do GREAT business in summer but on this rainy day it felt deserted!


My meal was quite good! (Minus the part where they dipped my fries in ketchup – I hate ketchup).



If you’re a fan of the TV show Motive, then you might recognize this place (season 4, episode 4) my husband did instantly but my brain needed more prodding to remember. I asked the waitress if an episode of Motive had recently been shot there and she said she could not remember.  That was just weird to me! How can you not remember a TV crew filming in your place of business?

The views from the terrace were phenomenal…  even in the rain!…  but because of the rain it was hard to get nice shots… so just take my word for it!




a TV ?!?!?!?  They should be fined for hindering the enjoyment of nature!


After lunch we drove around a bit, but the rain made it feel like a waste of time so we went back to Vancouver and did some exploring by car there before returning it to the rental agency. We looked for a few things listed in my guidebook but didn’t find them, then we looked for the area my husband remembered from the last time he visited Vancouver in the 80s on business…  didn’t find that either. We wasted lot of time and finally decide to give up and return the car. 

On the way back to Hertz (around 5PM), my husband spotted great looking restaurant that I definitely wanted to try for supper! Per se Social Corner. It was love at first sight! After a day of driving, he was a little tired and hesitant about going as it was in the opposite direction of the hotel, meaning a longer walk home after supper. I was so excited to try this place that I promised him we could take a bus back if he was really too tired to walk.


The restaurant really was nice – but just like yesterday, because I ordered something “piggy” for lunch, I thought I should have something “healthi-ER” for supper. I ordered a goat cheese salad and when I saw my husband’s pizza I INSTANTLY regretted my choice. See, this is what happens when I try to behave on vacation. Had I just followed my instincts and been a pig, I would have loved my meal!

Dinner at per se Social Corner 1

Dinner at per se Social Corner 4 Dinner at per se Social Corner 5

Dinner at per se Social Corner 7 Dinner at per se Social Corner 6

Dinner at per se Social Corner 8

To my great joy, my husband agreed to walk home along the beach instead of taking a bus. I was so happy because the rain was long gone by then and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that freaking seawall!

The walk would normally about be about 30 - 45 minutes, but I kept stopping every 2 minutes to take pictures of the buildings and the flowers and the views around False Creek (IPhone pictures = lousy colours!)



My husband, who was tired and just wanted to get home, decided to keep walking ahead and let me catch up… but it’s not quite the way I saw it. From my perspective, he just got fed up of waiting and left me behind without saying a word!!! He just took off!!  I sincerely wouldn’t have minded walking home alone, it was only about 7PM so plenty of daylight and people around… I just think it would have been courteous of him to tell me so. Men.

I was FUMING MAD and it took me a LONG LONG time to calm down. I went for a drink at the bar, then decided to go to the room and at least advise him that I was still alive (as if he cared! harrumph!) but being far from un-angry all I did was snap: “give me the keys, I’m going out”. 

He was already asleep by then and had no clue I was pissed.

I wandered the English Bay area admiring the sunset, debating on whether I should have a nightcap somewhere or maybe a bite to eat and eventually settled on some ice cream.



Ice Cream!

I was less angry by then – not totally over it - but decided to just let it go. I went back to the room before it got too dark and slept it off… there was zero point in having a discussion about it!!!

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