Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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16 June 2016

British Columbia Field Report 4 – Day 1

Walked 15.23 km / 23 041 steps

I love to eat! You know that about me, so step one on day one after checking into the hotel and unpacking was to find a place for a nice, long, inaugural vacation lupper (it was almost 3PM by then so we decided to merge lunch and supper together and just have a snack later if we were still hungry).

The area around our hotel (English Bay) had a lot of nice looking places, but it was easy to settle on The Cactus Club Café with its big open terrace facing the water - it was sublime! The service was slow because the place was packed, but the food was very good. Especially fantastic was the music; it was as if they broke into my playlist!!! Song after song after song after song had me dancing in my seat.

Cactus Club Café 1

Cactus Club Café 2

Cactus Club Café 3

Cactus Club Café 4

Once lupper was done it was time get moving so we set off to walk the Stanley Park Seawall.  We did almost all of it except for the very eastern tip where the Brockton Point Lighthouse is situated because we cut in to see the Totem Poles. (I have to say up front that Inuit and Native art is NOT my cup of tea. I can’t muster up any enthusiasm for whale vertebrae sculptures or soap stone carvings).


It was a great walk, about 10k, but it was a little too hot and there are long sections that are not shaded at all so by the time we were done, we were pleased – we got a little fed up towards the end.


Siwash Rock – hard to get the right lighting!  too light? too dark?


The entire time we walked, we marvelled at how fantastic this Seawall Path was!! and we were only exploring the section around Stanley Park which is roughly 10km (2 hours) and less than half its total length.

Google won’t let me draw a path that bypasses the very eastern tip which we skipped.


We were excited at the prospect of walking all of it in the upcoming days…  Vancouverites are SO LUCKY! 

It was about 7PM by the time we got back to the hotel, we were really tired after a long day of travel and we didn’t really have any appetite for supper since we had lupper around 4PM, so we figuratively put our feet up in the hotel restaurant bar and just relaxed.  Gazing out one window I could admire the beautiful flowering tree with its hundreds of twinkle lights, and out the other I could see out onto the Beach. How perfect!

Drinks at Sylvia's Bar

Sylvia's Bar (our hotel’s aptly named restaurant)  is Vancouver's first cocktail lounge and it's where the "Vancouver Cocktail" was invented. Well, far be it for me not to partake in an cultural activity!  I considered this an educational experience.

BTW - I’m totally in love with this stemware!!

Drinks at Sylvia's Bar - Vancouver Cocktail

Perfect end to a perfect Day 1!

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