Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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26 June 2016

British Columbia Field Report 16 – Meal Quest

Usually departure day doesn’t merit a post, there is rarely more to the day than: Wake up, Shower, Finish packing, Check out, Go to the airport, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Fly home.

Of course, with me, you know there is food involved somewhere in that plan!

Driving ourselves to the airport was fairly straight forward – it’s a straight shot north… except we missed the exit and had to keep going for a while further before we could turn back.

image     image

Knowing we’d have a layover of a few hours in Vancouver, my idea was to have loungy lunch there and so I didn’t want a big breakfast. We went to Spinnakers on the Fly for a small bite.

It was the HUGEST “small bite” I ever had!!! And I even asked them to hold all the sides. I should have put something in the picture to help get an idea of the scale. I had trouble wrapping my hands around it if it helps…

Airport Breakfast in Victoria 

Building my appetite up again for a loungy lunch was going to be a challenge!… so, I walked circles in the terminal for about an hour.  Just back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.


The flight from Victoria to Vancouver is 15 minutes of flying time – shortest flight of my life!


Interestingly, according to Google, you can’t even fly! But you can drive on the water to get there in less than 30 minutes! WOW! Had I know water-driving was an option I would have liked to have tried it!



We arrived at the Vancouver airport a little too early to eat, it wasn’t even 11AM, but that’s not too early to explore the terminal’s eateries and see what venue looked the loungiest for lunch.

Our Gate was # 29, and we discovered they had a Vino Volo nearby. There is one at our home airport in Montreal too, but we haven’t gotten around to trying it yet.


11AM came and went, and the place never opened -  Why the delay? My wine & cheese were trapped behind the gates!!!! We said we’d give it until 11:30 and if not we’d go somewhere else.


11:30 came and went so we went to the other end of the terminal to Palomino Bar @ YVR


It was total crap! Crap on crap, served with crap on the side with a sprinkling of crap.

Looks pretty… but it wasn’t good.

IMG_4993   IMG_4991

So much for a good food day! Ah well, you can’t win ‘em all.

After this, we were officially on our way home.


Great vacation!

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