Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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18 April 2018

Netherlands Field Report 4 – Day 3 Part 2 / Amsterdam

Steps today: 23 200

I am not sure the Dutch are into breakfast… for the last 2 days, the best we could find was coffee and croissant, which is fine, but it seems to be our only options! Perhaps it’s just because we are up too early? Yesterday was a bakery and this morning we settled on Starbucks.

We spent a good 2 hours gawking at the flowers at the Keukenhof Gardens, it was great but I am not that pleased with the bulk of my wide shots. The sun seemed to be at a funny angle the whole time so it was a battle to take pictures with no shadows or not shoot into the light. Still, I got a few nice ones in.

We wandered through the grounds until about 11AM, stopped for a snacky-lunch then headed back to Haarlem. We raced straight back to the hotel to shed a few layers and I changed into my capris. It was HOT! Around 26C. Same in store for tomorrow so I will start off with the shorter pants even if I am a little cold in the morning.

Once we were refreshed, we headed over to Amsterdam for the afternoon, but first we visited the Grote Kerk (or Saint Bavo) here in Haarlem especially to see the organ. Thankfully it was open despite the fun-fair that invaded the square.

I first saw the organ 10 years ago when we came to Haarlem on a day trip and it was as impressive as I remembered!




In Amsterdam after gaping over the volume of bikes parked around the train station:


… we headed back to the cat shelter to see if any kitties were sun-bathing. Nope! That makes twice now, I think I will give up.


We then went to a canal side café to enjoy a cool drink, but instead of taking pictures of my beverage for posterity, I was too distracted by the blinding white light of my skin! Man, could I be any paler??? I think this picture is hysterical!


We then slower wandered the city, exploring more of the east than yesterday – we plan to do more of that area including the red light district next time we go back.







We had supper at the restaurant in the Weigh House (I wish I had a photo editor on this laptop so I could straighten the picture! GRRR)


And I know, I know, I know, I ordered something typically more French than Dutch, but HOLY COW Dutch beef is delicious! It was one of the best tartare’s I have ever had. NO regrets!


As tempting as it was to enjoy a night cap before ending the day, we skipped it because we were both falling asleep on the train back to Haarlem. Maybe tonight’s early end will mean we can live it up tomorrow.

Good night!

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