Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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14 October 2016

Paris Field Report 9 – Day 8

Steps today: 18 393. We didn’t quite make it today because it rained in the afternoon and so we took the metro to places we would normally have walked to. If the sun would have been out, we would have easily hit 20K.

Breakfast today was along the Champs-Elysées. How great it that?




We knew that it would start raining in the afternoon, so we went for a long walk to soak up the outside-time as much as possible. We saw the Palais Elysée (official residence of the French President):


Then walked along Rue St Honoré again but a different section than the one we explored on Wednesday morning. It just amazes me what the cost is for super-mega-high-end things. Take this skirt for example, it’s a bunch of different coloured pieces of felt (or what looked like felt to me) sewn together with a jagged-edge design. 900€!


We continued to Place the la Concorde, then back up Champs-Élysées to the Grand Palais, then across Alexandre III Bridge to Les Invalides and went to visit Napoleon’s Tomb. The walk and many many many stops to gawk at the window displays took us about an hour.





I could not get enough of these… bushes?… topiaries? around the building. They look so neat!


After the Tomb, it still wasn’t raining so we walked along the Seine to the Alma Bridge to go to the Paris Sewer Museum… but we didn’t do our homework first because when we got there we discovered it’s closed on Thursdays and Fridays.

Next on our agenda was the Musée d'Orsay so we decide to head back towards it and have lunch in the area. I promised myself I was NOT going to have foie gras and beef tartare AGAIN! I am annoyed with my repetitive choices… yes I love them, but enough is enough! There are other delicacies to be savoured!




(My mom however ordered a salad that came with foie gras and she could not finish it. I mean, I couldn’t just leave it there!!! I had to help her – in fact, she insisted! that’s not my fault right?)

The D’Orsay Museum was very nice, we spent just enough time to see what we wanted to see and browse a little of the rest – it’s a challenge to soak it all in without getting tired! Walking slowly and standing around is a killer. Half of it was closed anyway for some reason, I didn’t look up why.

We stayed for about an hour and a half, including a coffee break.







By the time we were done it had started raining but not that bad, again it was more drizzle than rain and like the previous 2 showers the hoods on our jackets were sufficient.

We missed the Archeological Museum yesterday because it was closed, so we decided since we had the time (having missed out on the Sewer Museum in the morning) we’d give it a shot. I really enjoyed it! It was WAY more interesting than I thought it would be; I would like to visit it again on another trip to really read and learn more about the exhibits.


After the museum, we walked around the Latin Quarter for a while, where my mom got most of the souvenirs she wanted.



We decided since lunch was not as gargantuan as on previous days we’d have a small supper and a night cap then call it a day. We walked to a café we saw on Monday near Sainte-Chapelle for our supper-snack. Camembert Sandwich…. MMMMM


When we left, the rain had picked up a bit more so we took the metro instead of walking to Café des Flores for a nightcap. Sauternes for me again! (and I am cheating with this picture, it was taken on Sunday morning when it was nice and sunny!)


It was great of course, I LOVE Sauternes, but the one I had yesterday at Les Deux Magots looked prettier don’t you think? The colouring in this image makes it look so pale….


There is no rain in the forecast for tomorrow, so it means we got rained on a total of 3 times this vacation but only in the late PM and never hard enough to breakout the umbrellas. I would love to have nice blue skies tomorrow to end the vacation on a high-weather note, but we’ve been so incredibly fortunate up until now that I don’t want to be ungrateful and press my luck!

Still…  my fingers are crossed behind my back Winking smile  Fingers crossed Sun

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