Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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1 May 2015

London Field Report 7 – Day 6

Well, that’s it!  Another vacation done.

It was GREAT, as we knew it would be…  who can go wrong with London??  It’s a given we’ll be back one day, you can bet on it!

This morning our friends went off to do the Tower of London and since my husband and I didn’t want to revisit it, we embarked another one of our long aimless walks through different parts of the city.

We started in Little Venice, then made our way down to Kensington Park and Gardens; also saw the Palace but no need to revisit it.

IMG_8053 IMG_8049 IMG_8050

IMG_2886  IMG_8054


We saw the Albert Memorial, then walked down Sloan street to Belgravia finally ending up at Victoria Station.


We stopped into a pub for a drink, then hopped on the tube to go meet up with our friends for lunch followed by a visit to the London Museum. My husband and I were up for a revisit so we were a foursome for that activity.


We stayed until closing, then walked around the neighbourhood so we could show them the Machine, the Cheesegrater and the Gherkin, but I think they are not as keen on aimless wanders as we are.  We therefore decided to stop for a drink but had a hard time finding a pub with room to sit! People were spilling out of every single place we found!!  We realized later that it was because it’s was a Friday and a long weekend.




Eventually we found a place near Leadenhall Market and decided to eat there (as opposed to just having a drink) because it was getting close to 7 and we were not going to have any better luck elsewhere.  It was a nice stop, but SO LOUD!!!!  we were shouting at each other the whole time.

Have a look at my nachos, aren’t they pretty??  Toppings included sweet potato and pomegranate seeds.


After this, we went back to their hotel for a nightcap and say our final farewells. I hope it won’t be 2 years before we see each other again!


We left around 9:30, a final walk across Westminster Bridge to wave good bye to Big Ben and the Eye.



I can’t wait to come back to London…  I’ve already started working on my list of things to do whenever that will be!


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