Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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13 September 2016

London Field Report 6 – Day 6

Steps today: 21 240

Room status: STILL INSANELY HOT! we keep saying we’re above the pizza ovens. This morning we asked at the front desk if there is anything we’re missing. Is there a secret switch somewhere?? The bathroom has a heated floor which is nice, but it seems to be stuck on high! It does not help!! We’ve worked out a routine: clothes down to the bare minimum that decency allows, windows open, fan on full blast, sleeping on the covers – I even sleep the other way around on my bed with my feet at the head in order to feel more of the fan. I also take a cold shower just before getting into (onto) bed, and in the morning I am out the door the second I am dressed.

Bug bites: They don’t hurt at all anymore. They are MUCH MUCH MUCH darker, like two lipstick dots – but I think they are healing. The larger one looks like a nipple! ha!


It wasn’t really the bites that were hurting, it was the swelling and the vibrations up my legs from all the walking that made me feel like I had been kicked in the shins. We started the day with a trip to the pharmacy so I could get some advice from the pharmacist; she sold me this. I think it’s working very well – I would say the swelling is almost completely gone.


Then instead of a walk through the park like we’ve done on most mornings, we headed north to Little Venice and had breakfast at a canal café.  We haven’t really been eating breakfast at all, neither one of us really feels like we need a meal first thing in the morning so we’ll have a yoghurt or croissant and a coffee-to-go, but this morning it was eggs!




From there, we tubed it to the financial district to knock a few things off my list: Gherkin, Leaden Hall, Sky Garden and The Machine. Then I wanted to go to White Chapel to the Ten Bells Pub.



We didn’t make it to the pub because it we kept making wrong turns, if the weather had not been so hot I may have wanted to keep trying but it wasn’t fun anymore so we gave up on that one.

The Sky Garden (top floor of the Walkie-Talkie) was FANTASTIC! I loved it! These people do not mess around. You have to show your I.D. and go through airport-like security, and technically you’re supposed to book ahead because they have a crowd control system.  Luckily, we got in without an appointment.



It’s amazing up there! I felt like a kid, so excited with the views; this activity was a definite vacation-highlight for me. Vesna was a little more leery of the heights at first so she wasn’t as giddy as I was, but after she warmed up to the feeling she agreed that it was terrific.





There are a few restos up there, but we just relaxed with a drink – we were still full from breakfast. Vesna’s drink was so pretty! They even put flowers in it!


After this, we took a few shots of The Machine; I asked if we could take pictures inside, the answer was no.


We swung through Leadenhall Market:


Then back on the Tube across town again to the Tate Britain Museum – Vesna wanted to see the Turner Collection.






We then went to Westminster Cathedral which I remembered as being mind-blowing.  It still was. I could not stop taking pictures!! So gorgeous I couldn’t get enough! (These pictures don’t do them justice, they really need to be seen in person!)









This peacock is particularly impressive because it was in a round niche and the tail feathers looked 3-dimensional. You can’t quite see the effect in the picture, but it’s still stunning.


Dinner was Café Rouge again, I really like this chain but since I have a no resto repeat rule we couldn’t go to the same one we went to on the weekend. This one was a little hard to find and it started feeling like a repeat of the trek from this morning looking for the Ten Bells Pub. Treks are really no fun when the weather is this hot!!!  Happily, we eventually found it and settled in for a feast!




Have a look at this boutique I saw on the way home. Have you ever wondered where you can go to customize your personal jet?


The weather tomorrow is supposed to be MARGINALLY cooler… pray for me! Smile

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