Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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11 September 2016

London Field Report 4 – Day 4

Steps today: 25 061

We had blue skies today and nice temps and we took full advantage!

We started with a walk through Kensington Park to see Kensington Palace and the Albert Memorial.





Then through Knightsbridge again, along with Belgravia.



Over to the ticket office near Victoria Station to pick up our tickets for the Buckingham Palace Tour tomorrow (SOOOO excited about that!) and then a stroll along Pimlico Road.


After all that walking, we were ready to kick back and relax over a long loungy lunch so we took the tube to “Yo Sushi” near St Paul’s - a restaurant chain that serves what I refer to as Conveyor Belt Sushi. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! we had a ball.




Watching all the dishes go by we felt like cats stalking our prey!! I can’t insert the videos into my blog for some reason, I’ll try again later when I have more time.

After lunch, we came across a wreath laying ceremony near St Paul’s. No idea what it was all about…  could it be for 9/11?


We crossed Millennium Bridge to the South Side:



Had a cocktail break at a pub near City Hall – gorgeous effect! Look like Opal Juice! ha!


Admired Tower Bridge:


Crossed Tower Bridge and had an ice cream (I can’t remember the last time I had ice cream in a CONE!)


Walked around the Tower of London:


Then along the River Path until we got fed up with the heat and took the tube back to Westminster.

The plan was to have dinner while waiting for the sun to set so I could get some Night Shots of the Eye and Big Ben after I discovered my phone takes pretty decent pictures at night! They came out alright I think, but not as nice as the other ones.



We got back to the room by about 9:30, which ironically was the earliest night so far… and found a surprise waiting for us: a notice that they have to vacate our room by tomorrow in order to carry out emergency repairs. There was no mention of what they would do with us – I went straight to the reception expecting to be informed that we’d be moved (as opposed to kicked out) and yes, we’re getting a new room tomorrow.  I didn’t ask why, I don’t really care, but I’m sure it’s the shower – it’s barely draining at all tonight, and neither is the sink. Vesna took her shower and brushed her teeth, but I can’t do either unless they start draining! After waiting for an hour, I went to complain and ask for another room tonight.  They replied that they have no twin rooms available right now. I explained that the sink and shower are unusable so to please at the very least give me access to a room where I can take a shower and brush my teeth!!! They did… It’s almost midnight now… what time will I be in bed?

Dear God I hope this will be resolved by tomorrow morning… I’m going to the Queen’s place for tea! I don’t want to stink!!!

In addition to this, the temps tomorrow are expect to rise to over 30C.  The hottest September Day in the UK in over 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!  Despite the fact that we had a great day, right now, I just want to throw myself in the Thames.

Let’s hope for a quick and easy resolution tomorrow morning.

Ah well. Shit happens. One must roll with the punches.

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