Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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24 August 2015

Norway Field Report 3 – Day 3

Such perfect weather so far!!  Blue skies every day, but I think out luck will run out tomorrow.

Today after leaving Lillehammer we drove to Lom to see a beautiful church (Stavkyrkje):


Had lunch in the middle of nowhere (I was told if you know the 2012 movie "Into the White” you will know this area):



Enjoyed panoramic views from the Dalsnibba lookout (1500m above sea level – I also enjoyed seeing the tourists enjoying the view!!):



Cruised the Geirangerfjord:






All very scenic!

Food wise the day was another fail.  I think it’s me – I think I went into this with impossible standards. Lunch was a sandwich in the middle of nowhere… it was surprisingly delicious, but over all I had something more loungy and formal and picturesque in mind.  I think I have to adjust my expectations.

Supper was a buffet again, and it was a CIRCUS!!!  The food was good, a very decent selection, but it was all elbows and knees!!!!  it was like these people had never been fed before!!!  And the line ups were prohibitive, I waited until most people were at desert by the time I was able to have some salad!

What made dinner enjoyable was the socializing.  Overall we think we won the jackpot for lazy minded people on this tour (for example, someone today asked me if I thought the luggage travels with us) but on a more individual level, the people we’ve met so far are all quite nice.  I’ve only ever had to endure one Grumpy-Gus who makes me wonder why they bother leaving home. Every one else with whom I’ve spent a prolonged amount of time with is perfectly pleasant!

There was a woman in the elevator today who complained that tomorrow’s packed itinerary was a bad thing, and I replied with a “better this than working” remark – but she remained firm: too busy!  I on the other hand feel like we are not really doing all that much!!  Drive here, see that, drive over there, see the other thing… Ah well, guided tours all have their ups and downs.

There is rain in the forecast tomorrow, here’s to hoping it’s inaccurate!

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