Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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15 June 2016

British Columbia Field Report 3 – Flight and Phone Frustration!

Leaving Montreal 1

The flight was alright: We arrived alive and that’s always priority one! But I have to admit I was a little disappointed that we had to pay extra for our checked bags and the food! I’m used to flying overseas and I have to admit I prefer the system where the cost of the meal is rolled into the ticket price. Click on the image to see the menu.


We didn’t bother with the food on the way over, but on the way back we thought we’d give it a shot.  They were sold out of everything except for snacks so my husband had a half melted Kit Kat and I had a bag of Swedish Berries. FAIL!

image          image

In addition to that, head phones for watching movies were not included either!! Being cheap, I refused to pay the extra 3 dollars and chose to use my IPhone earbuds instead… except that because of the built in volume control / pause button, there was interference with the sound. At first I thought my entertainment system was just broken but then I heard the flight attendant explain to another passenger that in order to solve that issue we shouldn’t plug the earphones all the way in, but almost. This meant I had to hold them down through the entire movie but because of all the turbulence they kept slipping out!


Sigh. Ah well, like I said: We arrived alive so it’s all good.

Public Transportation to the hotel was really easy – the skytrain into town was straightforward and uncomplicated. Then once in the city it was a short wait for the city bus that dropped us off a block away from the hotel …


…. but I missed most of the views into town because of my constant battle with Data Provisioning on my phone.

I am cheap (you may have heard me say that already) and so I don’t have a data plan, I don’t want one, I don’t need one, Free Public Wi-Fi is good enough for me except for when I am on vacation - then I want data. I buy a Travel Data Pass when I go to Europe, and for this trip I planned to go a-la-carte. I am not interested in reoccurring monthly fees at all.


God bless the patient customer service reps who have to deal with me on the phone! Individually, they are all polite and professional but overall they drive me nuts because they just don’t understand what the Hell I’m talking about when I call to “have data provisioning activated on my phone”. With very few exceptions, they think I want to buy a data plan – I DON’T! I just want the phone to be provisioned with the access so I CAN get on line WITHOUT A PLAN. It’s rocket science to these people.


So my bad, I didn’t take care of business before leaving so when I arrived at the airport in Vancouver and tried to check in on Facebook it didn’t work. ARGH! I texted my mom to ask her to Google the customer service number, then I called in to explain YET AGAIN that NO I don’t want a data plan I just want the data provisioning on my phone. The poor girl was lost lost lost, and then I lost it on her. I’m embarrassed about that because I really don’t think it was her fault; she really was just trying to help me!!! but  based on repeated similar calls I think it must be general lack of training for a highly unusual request.

I apologised to her afterwards for my rude behaviour and over and over I told her: it’s not you, it’s me – I’m just frustrated….  blah blah blah. I should just have remained polite.


So after aaaaaallllll that, we checked into our fabulous amazing terrific perfect hotel and went out to explore Vancouver!

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