Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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24 April 2015

Packing and Procrastinating

I am so unprepared for London.

I have gotten NOTHING done and time’s a wasting!

Part of what has been feeding my procrastination is the weather forecast… it looks COLD!


Throw in a bit of wind, and we are back to the temps we had last time when we went in 2013!

Hats, mitts, scarves, coat, wishing for boots…  Am I in for the same freeze again this time??

Either way, I have to decide TODAY what to bring – for better or for worse!

I think I will bring that same coat again, the hat I bought there the first day we arrived! I remember being in Trafalgar Square thinking: “This is nuts, I need to buy some gear!” On day 2, I bought the scarf.

London Eye 1 - Simone

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain 2 - Simone

Hampton Court Palace Gardens 4 - Simone

St James Palace 5 - Simone

Highgate Cemetery 16 - Simone

I am so unmotivated… I need a kick in the ass to get started!

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