Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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7 February 2015

Always feels good to get a good deal!

Remember this? When I almost died of sticker shock checking the train prices from Paris to Lyon… about 75€ per person each way!!!

Even since that shock, I’ve been leery about train travel in France! So expensive!!!

But really, I should have put it all in better perspective -the distance between Paris and Lyon is 465km, not close! So I can’t expect the price to be low.


I just bought our train tickets online for Lyon to Avignon and back with the TGV (about 230km each way), and paid 60€ total for 2 people!!  Such a great deal!… I’m feeling good.


I hope I remember to check the price on the day so I can compare and see just how good this good deal is!  I doubt very much it will be 15€ each way per person.


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