Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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16 October 2013

Not the souvenir I had in mind!

This post won’t be pleasant! Read on at your own risk!

I am very sensitive and delicious – that means I am dessert to bugs and it’s not uncommon for me to swell up after being bitten. If I go out at dusk I am doomed.

Have a look at what my legs looked like after a sunset meal in Switzerland in 2011



If you think that looks bad – stop reading!

I think our hotel in Sorrento might have had bed bugs… but I can’t prove it and I CERTAINLY DON’T want to falsely accuse anyone, but I can trace the attack back to Wednesday / Thursday because of a Facebook post I made at 3AM complaining about bug bites keeping me awake and we were in Sorrento.

Were they fleas? Were they Bed Bug? The maids would leave the windows open during the day to air out the room, so could it have been something we trapped inside overnight?  We will never know.

I was itchy on Thursday / Friday and my bites looked like this:


Sunday, I started having an allergic reaction and the bites were getting bigger and redder so I reached for the Benadryl.


On Monday, I was feeling worse so I went to see the pharmacist in the morning for additional recommendations, but the welts were growing fast! (they are covered in calamine lotion here, but you see how much bigger they got)


But Monday afternoon I was crawling out of my skin and decided to go to a walk-in clinic for additional help. We went to 3 different ones and they were all closed, so we went to the hospital to have them looked at. They were growing fast! I wanted to make sure I was not bitten by something poisonous or perhaps they were becoming infected and that’s why they were turning into golf balls!!!!



My hands, arms, back and buttocks were polka dotted – I even got one on my face!!  and MAN did they itch!!! I could not have anything touching my skin! CLOTHES hurt! The sheets of the bed lightly brushing over my skin would drive me batty!

When I go back and look at the vacation pictures of myself between Wednesday and Friday there is no sign of any bumps on my skin so why did they all get so bad on Monday??  The doctor could not say what they were, but I am tempted to believe they were Bed Bugs because I read that bites can take up to 10 days to show up and I SWEAR I have some new ones. Then again, something “hoppy” was attracted to the light of my Ipod one night, so maybe they were flea bites?

I am now on a Benadryl, Loratadine, Ibuprofen, Cortisone cocktail and it is helping. I slept for 10 hours last night which was well needed after only a few hours the two previous nights.

I feel better, but I still look disgusting. I joke by saying that I ate too much pizza on vacation that I now look like a pizza. You are what you eat after all no?  This will take time to fade!



If all that is not bad enough, my hands hurt the most. Here is what it looked like Monday night in the hospital:


And here is why I say I SWEAR I am getting more (or like I read, new bites are just starting to show) because look at what my hand looked like this morning! It’s so swollen I can’t make a fist!  I have a bite on every knuckle!!


It hurts and throbs and I have trouble using it… thankfully I am right handed!


  1. Do you guys check for bed bugs at each hotel?

    Funny that your husband doesn't have any?

    The scary thing about bed bugs is the fear of bringing them back to your home.

  2. So sorry you had to deal with that! Nasty. It's frustrating to not be sure what to blame.

    Some people are more sensitive than others to various bites. My wife gets nasty welts from mosquitos while I hardly show any bites at all. I hope it fades fast.