Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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13 October 2013

Italy Field Report 12 – Day 10

I may have spoken too soon about the hotel being so terrific…

While I LOVE the bathroom, it is REALLY LARGE with windows all around like a solarium, after having taken my shower, I have a few complaints:

There is almost no light in the bathroom. I think this is to keep prying eyes out of the solarium/shower, but there are other ways of doing this: like frosted windows for instance instead of cloth shades.

Because there is very very little light in the bathroom AND because I don’t shower with my glasses, I neglected to notice the swinging partition was slightly over the edge of the tub and I was letting water gush out all over the floor!  OOPS! Plus I am amazed I did not skin myself while shaving!!  The shower is essentially a tub with a hose, I can live with that although generally I do prefer water coming down on me from above!!

The mini bar makes a RACKET! I want to unplug it, but my husband says I should not…  I am going to ask at the reception tomorrow.

The fact that the hallways and rooms are is not carpeted makes noises echo: irritating when people talk in the hallway or slam their doors. This kind of thing goes on in hotels all the time no matter what, but carpet does help muffle sounds.

Lastly, the reading light above my head on my side of the bed makes little ‘plink plink plink’ noises. Annoying!

Still loving it overall / still generally very satisfied… just not dying over it anymore!




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