Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

Place Stanislas - Fontaine de Neptune, Nancy France

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8 July 2012

Camera Tips

My husband is the photographer on vacation. I am the editor when it comes time to posting them. He snaps, I crop.

I think he takes very nice pictures, even though we don’t have a fancy professional camera. He wants a camera that is small and compact. Criteria #1 is: small enough to slip into a pocket.

Over the years, we have learned some very valuable lessons when it comes to taking pictures on vacation – perhaps you can benefit from our experiences:

Charge your battery every night

“But it was over 50% last night!” Has this ever happened to you? You think your battery is charged enough, but then it runs out on you the next day?  Take my advice: no matter what, charge it every night. We learned this in Paris back in 2004. On the afternoon of day two, bye bye battery!

Carry a spare

Over and above charging your battery, carry a spare! You just never know!!!  We were caught unprepared in Bruges in 2008 when just before diner, our fully charged battery died. Now we carry a spare at all times! (And we have had to use it on many occasions).

Another benefit to having a fully charged spare battery on you, is that in the unlikely even that your camera breaks when you are on vacation you are ready to go when you buy a new one! The batteries don’t come charged so we would have been S.O.L. without our spare when we broke our camera in Chicago and had to buy a new one.

Maximize the size

Size matters. Set your settings to the highest resolution. You might crop that picture later and you want to make sure that the final result looks as good as the original and not all fuzzy because you’ve zoomed in too close.

Here’s the perfect example of essential cropping. I HAD to crop that woman out of the picture..  obviously.. and the resized picture looks just a sharp. (The guy walking through the shot is just another example of the on-going argument my husband and I are having about making sure the background is clear!!)

Simone in Zermatt

Simone 1

Or even if you aren’t going to crop someone else out. Perhaps you just want to change the focus of the picture like this picture of me here in Paris:

More me:

Rue Cler - Simone - Copy

Less street:

Rue Cler - Simone

Or best of all: making fake Panoramas!

IMG_3817 - Copy

Stick with Landscape, forget Portrait

Now-a-days, how do we share pictures? Like this! Blogs or Picasa or Flickr or Facebook etc.…  are you still part of the small minority of people who print pictures?

Landscape looks better on the computer screen. It takes up more room on the screen and make your pictures seem larger. Portrait makes the picture look smaller. My husband often does both. Portrait because he likes it, then again in Landscape because I nag him.

But look, open these 2 picture and tell me you don’t agree…




Cut back on using the flash

Flash changes the colours. Don’t be lazy! play with the settings a little more learn how to fix the parameters for low-light instead of using a flash. It’s worth the effort!

Look how nice this picture turned out! Would not have been the same had we used the flash!

The Italian Village - Simone & Frank

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  1. Yeah I often prefer no flash. But I take low quality pics cause I never print them, and hate the slow loading times for big ones.